Shelling Treasures: Shelling Forecast for April to June

Unlocking the Shelling Treasures: A Shelling Forecast for April to June

Welcome back, fellow shelling enthusiasts, to the breathtaking expanse of the Ten Thousand Islands! As your dedicated Concierge Shell Guide and fervent advocate for ecological stewardship, I’m delighted to unveil a shelling forecast for the forthcoming summer months – April through June. With the arrival of balmy weather and extended daylight hours, summer beckons us to delve deeper into the pristine shores and unravel the secrets hidden within.

April – Spring into Shelling Adventures

April 4-5: Embrace the commencement of the season with favorable negative low tides.

  • Thursday, April 4: Low tide at 5:23 AM (-0.6 ft) – Ideal for scouring the shoreline for Lettered Olives, often nestled closer to the high tide line. Consider embarking on a Morning Low Tide Tour to make the most of this opportune moment.
  • Friday, April 5: Low tide at 6:02 AM (-0.7 ft) – A treasure trove awaits as various shells reveal themselves across the exposed flats, perfect for a leisurely exploration.

April 11-12:

  • Thursday, April 11: Low tide at 4:10 PM (-0.8 ft) – Set out in the afternoon to hunt for Sunrays and other elusive treasures. Opt for an Afternoon Low Tide Tour for an unforgettable experience.
  • Friday, April 12: Low tide at 4:49 PM (-0.9 ft) – Venture across the expansive flats during this low tide, where hidden gems await discovery.

Shelling Tips:

  • Morning Low Tide Tours: Designed for early risers, these tours offer prime opportunities to discover Lettered Olives and explore the exposed flats as the tide retreats.
  • Afternoon Low Tide Tours: Prefer a more relaxed start? Join us in the afternoon to unearth Sunrays and other delights bathed in the golden light of dusk.

April 18-19:

  • Thursday, April 18: Low tide at 5:04 AM (-0.7 ft) – Embark on a shell-seeking adventure across the exposed flats, where various treasures await your discovery.
  • Friday, April 19: Low tide at 5:43 AM (-0.8 ft) – Dive deeper into the shelling experience as you search for Murex shells amidst the vast expanse of the low tide.

April 25-26:

  • Thursday, April 25: Low tide at 4:00 PM (-0.9 ft) – Seek out Noble Pen Shells and other treasures revealed by the receding tide, perfect for an Afternoon Low Tide Tour.
  • Friday, April 26: Low tide at 4:39 PM (-1.0 ft) – Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as the ultra-low tide unveils a vast playground for shelling enthusiasts. Remember to follow our Ultra-Low Tide Tips for a safe and rewarding experience.

Ultra-Low Tide Tips:

  • Equip yourself with sturdy footwear for traversing uneven terrain.
  • Don’t forget to shield yourself from the sun with a hat and sunscreen, and stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle.
  • Carry a small backpack to gather your finds and essential supplies, as you may journey further than anticipated.

May – Prime Shelling Season

May 2-3:

  • Thursday, May 2: Low tide at 5:58 AM (-0.8 ft) – Revel in the abundance of shells scattered across the exposed flats during this opportune low tide.
  • Friday, May 3: Low tide at 6:37 AM (-0.9 ft) – Set your sights on Lightning Whelks and other treasures waiting to be discovered in the deeper waters during ultra-low tides.

May 9-10:

  • Thursday, May 9: Low tide at 4:45 PM (-1.0 ft) – Delve into the depths to uncover Horse Conchs and other hidden gems during the later low tide. Consider joining an Afternoon Low Tide Tour for an immersive experience.
  • Friday, May 10: Low tide at 5:24 PM (-1.1 ft) – Embrace the vast expanse revealed by this ultra-low tide, where endless shelling opportunities await your exploration.

May unfolds with a plethora of shelling marvels awaiting discovery. Be sure to peruse our full blog post for a comprehensive guide to the remaining negative low tides in May and June!

June – Summer Shelling Delights

May 30-31:

  • Friday, May 31: Low tide at 6:20 AM (-0.6 ft) – Seize the day and embark on a shelling odyssey across the exposed flats, where an array of treasures awaits your keen eye.
  • Saturday, June 1: Low tide at 6:59 AM (-0.7 ft) – Set your sights on the elusive Knobbed Helmet and other fascinating finds amidst the low tide.

June 13-14 & 20-21:

  • As June draws to a close, seize the opportunity for one last shelling adventure amidst negative low tides ranging from -0.7 ft to -1.0 ft. Explore the sands to uncover the elusive Atlantic Razor Clam, discover the mesmerizing Atlantic Moon Shell tucked within pockets of exposed flats, and perhaps encounter the majestic Queen Conch gracing the deeper waters during ultra-low tides.

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Happy shelling, and may the sands of summer bestow upon you endless delights and newfound treasures!