Crafting Treasures: A Shelling Journey with Barbara Umbel

Crafting Treasures: A Unique Shelling Journey with Barbara Umbel and Treasure Seekers 

As a Concierge Shell Guide and Florida Master Naturalist at Treasure Seekers Shell Tours, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing some truly exceptional shelling adventures. Our recent tour, which featured the talented Professional Silversmith Barbara Umbel, was an experience beyond compare. Join me as I take you on a virtual journey through this captivating day in the Ten Thousand Islands, where shells met artistry and nature-inspired personalized treasures.

Discovering the True Essence of Shelling

Shelling isn’t just an activity; it’s a deep-rooted connection with nature’s beauty and mysteries. At Treasure Seekers Shell Tours, we take pride in providing our guests with a genuine shelling experience that goes beyond the surface. Our recent tour with Barbara Umbel perfectly embodied this essence, as we embarked on a journey that combined the artistry of shell jewelry with the enchantment of the Ten Thousand Islands.

Barbara Umbel: A Silversmith Extraordinaire

Shell JewelryBarbara Umbel’s presence on our recent tour brought an added layer of excitement and inspiration. A skilled silversmith, Barbara’s craft is a testament to her dedication to creating exquisite jewelry pieces that capture the allure of the sea. What sets Barbara apart is her commitment to crafting every piece in the USA, ensuring that each creation reflects a deep connection to the land and sea that inspire her.

Personalized Jewelry: A Touch of Elegance

During our tour, Barbara introduced us to the world of personalized jewelry, a realm where shells transform into wearable works of art. It’s a testament to Barbara’s artistry that she can take a shell, a piece of nature, and turn it into a unique and personalized masterpiece. Imagine wearing a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings crafted from a shell you personally collected during our tour. It’s not just jewelry; it’s a cherished memory and a tangible connection to the ocean’s wonders.

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

One of the most remarkable aspects of Barbara’s craft is her ability to turn ordinary shells into extraordinary jewelry. From intricate sand dollar pendants to delicate seashell earrings, each piece carries with it the essence of the sea. Barbara’s artistry reminds us that even the simplest shell can hold a world of beauty and potential, waiting to be transformed into a piece of wearable art.

The Personalization Process

What makes Barbara’s creations even more special is the personalization process. If you have a special shell that holds sentimental value, Barbara can turn it into a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that resonates with your unique story. This level of personalization adds a profound depth to the jewelry, making it not only visually stunning but also emotionally meaningful.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Barbara’s dedication to her craft extends beyond her creations; it’s also about connecting with you, the wearer. If you have a vision for a specific piece, Barbara is here to bring that vision to life. Whether it’s a necklace inspired by a shell’s intricate pattern or earrings that capture the essence of the ocean’s hues, Barbara’s expertise ensures that your jewelry dreams become a reality.



How to Embark on Your Jewelry Journey

Embarking on your own personalized jewelry journey with Barbara Umbel is a simple and rewarding process. You can explore her collection online and even watch her craft come to life on YouTube. If you have a special shell in mind or are inspired by a specific design, Barbara is just a call or email away. With a turnover time of two weeks or less, you’ll soon be wearing a piece of personalized art that embodies the magic of the sea.

My recent tour with Barbara Umbel and Treasure Seekers Shell Tours was a truly enchanting experience that melded the world of shelling with the artistry of jewelry making. Barbara’s ability to transform shells into personalized treasures speaks to the depth of her talent and the wonders of the sea. As a Concierge Shell Guide and Florida Master Naturalist, I invite you to embrace the magic of shelling and jewelry and embark on a journey that celebrates the beauty of nature and the art it inspires. Explore Barbara’s creations, wear the ocean’s beauty, and carry a piece of the sea’s wonder with you wherever you go.

Book your shelling adventure with Treasure Seekers Shell Tours today, and discover the inspiration that awaits beneath the waves.

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