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239.571.2331    info@treasureseekersshelltours.com

#1 Place in the United States to find the rare Junonia is in the Ten Thousand Islands with Treasure Seekers Shell Tours!

Our blessed guest Deena found not only one prized perfect Junonia but two on todays shelling tour to the Ten Thousand Islands with Treasure Seekers Shell Tours. November 2020
This beautiful Junonia show the growth lines where it repaired itself after an injury. Spectacular!

We are blessed here in the Ten Thousand Islands Wildlife Preserve to have an abundance of amazing seashells. The islands are only accessible by boat which I feel is why the shelling truly is the best in the entire country for a variety of shells. This week we had Hurricane Eta skim our shores and it sure did bring in the shells. Yesterday alone we got 4 beautiful Junonia. Most of these are being found out on sand flats and many seem to be half buried. All of them were empty. Never collect live mollusks.

If your looking to find some of these much sought after shells then call to book a tour with Treasure Seekers and Come Let Us Help You find the Shell of a Lifetime!


Let the waves wash away life’s cares and worries, feel the sand between your toes and feel the warm sunshine kiss your shoulders. Slow down-breathe in the salty air, listen to the gulls and Osprey chirp overhead as you meander through mangrove roots & sandy beaches looking for the elusive Junonia, Rose Murex or Chocolate Alphabet Cones the 10,000 Islands are known for.

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