239.571.2331    info@treasureseekersshelltours.com
239.571.2331    info@treasureseekersshelltours.com

What to Expect

Always be prepared

Are you looking for something different to do in Southwest Florida/Marco Island/Naples during your vacation? Want a day of adventure? During your tour with Treasure Seekers you can expect to be treated to a unique outdoor experience in a ecosystem many never have the opportunity to witness. You not only will have the time of your lives finding magnificent shells, but we also hope you come away from the day feeling like you have made new friends. Our prayer for our guests is that you will be able to cast all your cares away, relax and see the beauty of Gods creation in a whole new light. Get on ISLAND TIME and smile! We want this to be the highlight of your vacation and a memory you can share forever. Like you, we can see the Lord’s divine handiwork everywhere around us. His creations are breathtaking! Some of the most spectacular of those creations are SEASHELLS. I’m sure you’ve all looked in awe and wonder at the intricacies of seashells just as we have. Their variety in shape, design, texture, pattern, and color is remarkable! It is little wonder that, through the ages, shells have been so valuable that they have been found buried alongside royalty in ancient tombs around the world. At times they’ve been used as currency, prized enough to quantify great wealth or be bartered for life’s necessities. You can expect a SHELLTASTIC day and make sure to bring plenty of shell bags/buckets because you will need them! The tour will start off with about a 15min boat ride through Mangrove islands towards our final destination. You will be landing on a white sand beach and then guides through the island by our amazing First Mates who will show you the best shelling spits and help you in any way they can to make your trip one of the best memories of your vacation! On the way back to the marina we will try to look for dolphins playing and many times they will follow our boat and jump and play in the wake!

Our tour requires you to be MOBILE and you will need to be able to get on and off a boat unassisted. It’s like an episode of Shelling Survivor or Naked and Afraid shelling! ( kidding!) Wearing a bathing suit is a good idea along with a long sleeve SPF shirt. We do have them available for purchase on the tour). If you find that you bleed easily it might be a good idea to wear leggings or pants as you can cut yourself on the mangrove roots that stick up all over the islands!

At several of our shelling locations you will be expected to walk far distances and over uneven, rugged terrain with mangrove roots sticking out, muddy slippery bottoms, and will need to sometimes climb over or under limbs and mangrove roots. Good water shoes are a must! You will also at times need to walk up to waist deep in water to reach shore if tides are too low for the boat to drop you off on the beach. Come prepared to get wet if need be. Many times the wading is where you might find some of the biggest treasures!

This is a physically challenging tour so if you have any limitations please let us know ahead of time so we can do our best to accommodate your needs. Call us at 239-571-2331. We depart from the Goodland Boating Park at 750 Palm Point Dr., Goodland, FL 34140. There is free parking available to the left of the parking lot in the paved spots (not the grass trailer parking for boats). There are restrooms there to use as well as a Ships Store to purchase last minute items. We pride ourselves on providing concierge service to our guests. Do you need help carrying bags or shells back to the boat? How about a cold beverage while your walking the beach? We will do our best to make sure your every need is taken care of. If you don’t already have a good waterproof/floating cell phone pouch we recommend DukGear pouches. www.dukgear.com. If you use the promo code SHELLS you will receive 20% off your purchase.